Puppy love

Puppy love

A really handy page for younger (future) owners, filled with information about the puppy's first few weeks, handy tips to prepare your home and lots of pictures!


Hooray, you're getting a puppy! How exciting! You're going to have SO much fun!

What's going to happen during the first few weeks

Your puppy's first few weeks

Maybe your puppy has already been born, or perhaps it's still inside the mummy dog's tummy. Either way, you'll still have to wait a few weeks. And waiting can take forever! Especially when you have to wait till your new friend can come home.

Luckily, you'll get to see the puppies very soon!

As soon as the puppies are born, we will send you the first pictures of the puppies by email. But these newborn puppies don't look a lot like dogs


They look like lambs! Where is their lovely, curly fur? And they've got little pink ears and a tiny pink nose!

Their eyes are still closed and they can't hear anything yet.

This changes very quickly. Between the 10th and 14th day, their eyes open and their ears follow soon after. The puppies start to move around and they look more like dogs.


In the evenings you can watch your puppy through the webcam. At first the puppies can sleep up to 23 hours a day! So you probably won't see them move around. But sometimes, the mummy dog might come and feed them. Then you can watch the puppies drink!

When they're 10 days old, you can come and visit them. But the puppies are still to small to pick up.

When you come and visit us, you have to take off your shoes, wash your hands with special soap and wear special socks over your own socks. We do this to protect the puppies, until they are about 5 weeks old.

Luckily, you can play with the grown-up dogs while you're here. The mummy dog won't play much, because she sleeps a lot in between feeding the puppies.



The puppies grow up fast. When they're 3 weeks old you can pick them up and carefully play with them. They now eat a special porridge for puppies. The mummy dog doesn't like feeding them any more, because the puppies now have teeth.

They no longer sleep all day and even play with each other.


When they're 4 weeks old, they're allowed to play outside. This so much fun! They usually want to go outside a lot. You can sometimes even see them playing, through the webcam. They can be pretty rough. They really look like dogs now


When they're 5 weeks old, their mummy doesn't feed them any more. They now eat mashed up dog biscuits with water (sounds yummy, doesn't it?!)


Between the 5th and 6th week, we'll help you and your family choose your puppy. Don't worry, they're all lovely dogs! We'll let a trainer test the puppies and their personality. After the test, we'll help you choose the puppy with the best personality for you.



You then get to pick a name for your dog. (It's completely up to you) Once you know which puppy is yours, we'd like you to bring a dog toy with your scent on it (You can do this by leaving the dog toy in your bed for a few weeks). We'll use the toy to help your puppy remember and recognise your scent. 

When they're 6 weeks old, it's time for their first visit to the vet. They'll get their first jab, a passport in which the vets writes down all kinds of things and a microchip. This is a tiny computer chip with a number on it. Only your dog has this number. You'll get a form to send to an office where they register all the numbers with the dogs' names and their owners. The vet always scans the microchip to make sure he's got the right dog. They also scan your dog's microchip and check your dog's passport at the border, when you go on holiday


After the puppies' first jab we will throw a puppy baby shower. You can meet all the other owners and you can even take your puppy out for its first walk. You can ask any questions you have about your puppy. But most importantly, you can cuddle and play with your puppy.

Although they can already eat normal dog food and are allowed to go for a walk, they aren't allowed to go to their new homes yet. Their mum still has a lot to teach them and she does this between the 6th and 8th week. She teaches the puppies how to play nicely with each other and how to behave properly to other dogs.

And finally, when their 8 weeks old, you can take your puppy home! It's the start of a fun time with lots of playing, cuddling, training and getting to know your knew friend.

You can email us for a special puppy scrapbook for your puppy's first few weeks, with lots of useful tips and information.

Preparing your home

What does your puppy need:

His own spot, like a puppy crate with a pillow or matress inside, to sleep in. It's important to let your puppy sleep when its tired, so your puppy can grow into a happy and well-rested dog


Dog food and dog bowls for food and water. It's also important to have a water bowl in the puppy crate.

puppy_voer.JPG puppy_voer_en_water_bak.jpg puppy_bench_waterbak.jpg

Chew toys and dog toys for your puppy to play with. Put them in a toy box or basket so your puppy always knows where to find its toys


Dog treats to reward your puppy while training him or her


Your puppy will come with its first collar and leash, but it will grow out of those very quickly. So, it's important to buy a bigger collar and leash.


Also, very important: lots of patience. Your puppy is still a baby when he comes home with you and will need to learn a lot. He/she probably isn't used to being walked and doesn't know that he/she isn't allowed to go to the toilet inside. He/she also doesn't know that he isn't allowed to chew on your toys, socks and shoes. The first two days can be very confusing for your puppy, because he/she misses his/her brothers and sisters. Give your puppy time to get used to his/her new family. He/she will feel at home very soon


You also need to make it clear to your puppy what is and isn't allowed. Don't allow your puppy to do something one time and tell him off for it the next. It will confuse your puppy a lot. Make rules about what you will and won't allow the puppy to do and keep to those rules!


We wish you all the best with your new friend!!!