Choosing your puppy & beyond

Choosing your puppy & beyond

Choosing your puppy

When the puppies are six weeks old, the litter will be tested on character and behaviour. This is an important moment because, based on the results of the test, each puppy will be given a family. Assistance dogs will be chosen first. We will pay close attention to certain traits, reactions and with mobility assistance dogs, for example, we will also pay attention to size and strength. For autism service dogs, we look for open and curious dogs that won’t shy away from new situations.  

Some people want a calm and quiet dog, while others prefer a more playful dog and some people prefer a more loyal and obedient type. The latter is trait that almost every doodle has. They are very sweet and fun companions, who don’t have all too many dominant traits.

Whatever your preferences may be, we would like to stress that character is so much more important than fur colour. The colour of a dog’s fur does not define its character! Furthermore, the fur colour can change. Pixie’s fur was much darker as a puppy, as was Bink’s. Therefore, we can't make any promises regarding the colour of the fur.

Therefore any preferences based solely on colour will NOT be given priority. Only in the event that medical reasons can be provided for such a preference (i.e. Sensory Integration Disorder), will we take this under consideration

So please let us know about any preferences you may have regarding the puppies’ character and we will try to make the perfect match! Unfortunately, we can’t always give everyone their first choice. However, we will keep your preferences and other circumstances, such as your home situation or any medical situation you may have, in mind as much as possible.If more people choose the same dog we will allocate the puppies based on which traits match which family best. The final decision is ours! Any future assistance dogs, that will be given an official training, will be allocated FIRST, based on the outcome of the litter test and the requirements of the future owner.

Once all the puppies know who their new families will be, we will use their scent memory to help them get used to the scent of their new families. We will require a toy or small blanket for this, which has spent a few weeks in the bed of the owner to absorb the owner’s scent as much as possible. We will use this during play time and cuddles.

The journey home

The journey home will be your puppy’s first big road trip. This can be very scary for your puppy. Your puppy will probably let you know by singing at the top of his/her voice. Stay calm and talk cheerfully to your puppy like sitting in the car is business as usual

Have a break every hour, so your puppy can stretch his/her legs and empty his/her bladder

This breaks up the journey, making it a less stressful experience for your puppy.

Must-haves for the big trip

Wet wipes

A towel

A travelling crate (this is optional)

Puppy treats

Water and a water bowl

Your puppy comes with...

A collar and leash


A blanket smelling of the litter